Phoneboard is a free alternative to apps like ZXW, Wuxinji etc.
These paid apps cost up to a hundred bucks a year but Phoneboard is completely free.

 * Added Dark Mode.
 * Ipad mini board.
 * When you are viewing only one side of the board, the search
   auto completion will show components of the active side only.
 * Added Diode values in iphone 6 board. 
 * Add Polish language [Translation by: Jakub Werwiński]
 * Add Hungarian language [Translation by: Dani Bá]
 * Add Cambodian language [Translation by: IC Fix Sothy]
 * Add Italian language [Translation by: Nicola Ripoccini]
 * Add Finnish language [Translation by: Ruuben Vuolasranta]
 * Add French languange [Translation by: Occaz'out]
While Phoneboard is free it takes time and effort to work on it, consider supporting me on Patreon or donate on Paypal or Bitcoin. Thank you!