Phoneboard is a free alternative to apps like ZXW, Wuxinji etc.
These paid apps cost up to a hundred bucks a year but Phoneboard is completely free.

 * Fixed 'F' shortcut key prevented writing in the search box.
 * First macOS beta release!
* Reworked settings dialog.
* Shortcut key 'F' toggle components frame.
* Antialiasing option, enabled increases rendering quality. [Enabled by default]
* Croatian translation [by: Saša Valić]
* Lithuanian translation [by: VeryFastSnail]
* Norwegian Bokmål translation [by: Martin Refseth]
* German translation [by: David Schmidt]
* Russian translation [by: Олег Агекян]
Download for Windows Download for Linux Download for macOS (*)

Last version v1.4.2, (*) The beta is a Patreon only release.

While Phoneboard is free it takes time and effort to work on it, consider supporting me on Patreon or donate on Paypal or Bitcoin. Thank you!